The Daylight Limited

The Daylight Limited is The First Book in The Lionel Great Railway Adventures in June of 1998 as part of Series 1. It was Written by Lin Oliver and It was illustrated by Charles Pyle.


In a Small Town of San Luis Obispo in 1939, The Holden Family always Loved Trains.

One Night, A Boy named Tuck had a dream about riding in a Train Car which is Made of Glass. He tells his Parents about An idea of the Train Car, And His Parents agreed. So His Dad, Mr Holden build a Train Car called The Dome Car. He and Tuck Went to show their Dome Car to The Engineer of The Daylight Limited which He Laugh so Hard that his button had Popped out of his Overalls. Mrs Fernandez which is At The Ticket Window showed them a Poster on The Station Wall which it said, Visit The Invention of Tomorrow Contest, June 26,1939 at The New York Worlds Fair. She then Tells them that they should take their Invention to The Worlds Fair because Its A Place for Big Ideas. Tuck was very Happy that The Dome car will win the Contest and tell everyone will know about their dome car and His Family will be famous. Mr Holden tells Tuck that He must be Dreaming and Mrs Fernandez reminds Tuck that Everyone is entitled to Dream.

Later, The Holden Family took a vote because New York is all the way across the Country and How they pay for The Tickets. Mrs Holden says that she has a few dollars that She save on a Raining Day. And So Tuck and his sister Billie and Their Dog Chief will stay behind with their Cousin named Ida and Mr and Mrs Holden will ride the Daylight Limited to San Francisco where they rode the Overland Route to New York.

The Next Day, The Holden family went To The Train Station when they heard 4 Short Blasts of a Train Whistle and The Daylight Limited arrives at The Station. Before Mr Holden and Mrs Holden boarded The Train, He tells Tuck and Billie to Remember that No Matter how far He and His Wife are and They always be just on the other side of A Train Whistle. Tuck and Billie Waves Good Bye to their Parents as The Daylight Limited Pulls away from The Station and Out of Sight.

Later That Day, Cousin Ida came to their house and She had a Rule for Everything. She was Furious that Chief got a rubber ball to toss and She locked it in The Drawer and She thinks that she is Babe Ruth.

Meanwhile, Tuck check each day on His calendar that The Invention of Tomorrow Contest was 5 Days away. Billie wish that She and Tuck that if only they can be there.

The Next Day, Cousin Ida went to The Train Station to get a Package. She Tells Tuck and Billie to Wait for her on The Platform. Then She Tell Them that theres No Wandering away, No unnecessary giggling, No Teasing and Wrestling, No Buying of candy or Kicking of Cans. She also tells Chief that Theres No Bitting,No Barking,No Scratching,No Whimpering and No Anything and She disappeared into The Depot. The Daylight Limited was stopped at The Station. The Smell food floated from The Dining Car and Chief sniffed because there was Steak in the Dining Car because he loves steak. So Chief bounded across the station Platform and on To The Train. Tuck and Billie ran after chief. Chief dashed through the Dining Room and Into The Kitchen and The Chef was surprised to see them in The Dining Car. Then The Chef tells Tuck and Billie that He was whipping up a dinner for Loretta Larue's Dog, Gypsy. Tuck was Surprised that his Favorite Movie star is on The Train and Asked That He can get her an Autograph. The Chef tells Tuck that Loretta Larue has a Private Car at The End of The Train because she does not like Visitors. Billie tells the Chef that Loretta Larue is Tuck's all time favorite Movie Star and it would Mean so much of him. Then The Chef reminds Tuck that If He Promised not to Be Pester, He will Deliver Gypsy's Dinner and He will See Loretta Larue. Tuck was very Happy that He stook the Chefs Hand and Tell Him To Stop. As Tuck and Billie was about go to The Loretta Larue's Private Car with Gypsy's Dinner, The Daylight Limited begin To Pull out of The Station and start to Pick up speed. Tuck tells Billie that they are going to San Franscisco. Billie giggled and She says that She and Tuck just go on The Train was against Cousin Ida's Rules. Later, Tuck knocked on The Door of Loretta Larues private car and says He brought Gypsy dinner. When The Door opened, Loretta was Very Happy to see Tuck at the doorway and told him that Gypsy was getting very cranky of waiting for her Dinner. As The Daylight Limited climbs the hill at Cuesta Pass, Some of the rocks came tumbling down the mountain and it was heading right towards the Train. Suddenly a Large Rock hits a Coupler and The Private car begin sidle Backwards down the hill. Billie was Stocked that The Private car was heading down the mountain and the only way to stop it is To Go the front of The Locomotive and Give 4 Short Blasts of the whistle to Brake as Their Father have told them about Whistle Signals. When Tuck heard the 4 Short Blasts of The Whistle, He Found a Hand brake inside the Private car and Pulled it as hard as he could and the Private car came to a stop. When The Daylight Limited came to San Francisco, Everyone at The Station were Proud at Tuck for Saving Loretta's life from a nasty accident. As A Reward, Loretta give Tuck and Bille a free round trip Tickets to New York. And So, Tuck and Billie got on a train bound for New York City.

The End

Song list:Edit

  • The Only Way to Go
  • I've Been Workin' on the Railroad
  • Great Railway Adventures Theme

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