The President Express

The President Express is A Book that was Part of The Lionel Great Railway Adventures Series 1 in 1998. It was Written by Lin Oliver and It was illustrated by Charles Pyle.


When Tuck and Billie Holden had Missed The Train that was Heading for New York City, They Meet a Train Engineer named Maynard Henry who is Kind and Friendly. Then He tells Tuck and Billie that He was Heading for Washington DC on The B&O President Washington Locomotive and Said that If They ride there with Him, They get an Overnight Train into New york.

And So, The President Washington departing Chicago Union Station and on to the Open Line heading for Washington DC. As The President Washington was crossing the state line into Pennsylvania, A Big Rain Storm and Thunder and Lighting hits a Signal. As The Train went inside the Tunnel, They Didn't Realised that was Another Train in The Opposite Direction and it was heading right toward them. So Tuck and Billie get out and Tuck waves The Lantern side to side and The Freight Train came to Stop just before it was about to crash into them.

Hours later when The Train came into Washington DC, A Man named Thaddeus Winterbottom came to Congratulate Them for their Bravery. Then He tells Them that He invites them to Be the first Passengers on The PRR Torpedo AKA The Locomotive of Tomorrow. And So Tuck and Billie was So Happy that They going to New York Worlds Fair to meet their parents, See The Dome Car win The Invention of Tomorrow Contest and Best of All, Their Dreams really can Come True.

Song list:Edit

  • Train Across America
  • Wabash Cannonball
  • Great Railway Adventures Theme

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