The Torpedo Run

The Torpedo Run is A Book that was Part of The Lionel Great Railway Adventures Series 1 in 1998.It was Written by Lin Oliver and It was illustrated by Charles Pyle.


At The Locomotive Shop in Washington DC, Thaddeus Winterbottom showed Tuck,Billie and Maynard Henry a Brand New Locomotive callled The PRR Torpedo. Later that night,The Torpedo departed The Locomotive Hanger and into The Night heading for New York City. The Following Morning, As The Torpedo was heading to New york city, Two strange Men was on A Railroad Bridge

And The Torpedo came to a stop. After Two Men fall off the bridge and into River, The Torpedo was at Full Steam Ahead and Heading to New York. When The Torpedo Came to The New York Worlds Fair, Tuck and Billie Found their parents and The Dome car won The Invention of Tomorrow Contest,and The Holden family rode their First Dome Car Ride and Their Dreams come Ture.

Song ListEdit

  • Took Along my Favorite Song
  • Rock Island Line
  • Great Railway Adventures Theme

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